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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Date Night.

After a long, hard day at work, I came home to this…

I stood there for a moment wondering, “What the…?” I stared at it and then decided that it would be nice to be inside where there is AC. I wait for Hubby to open the door like he usually does when I get home from work, but he didn’t. I stand there a moment longer, contemplating if I should just use MY keys to open the door myself. I do.

Let me just say, Hubby is the best!

As I open the door I hear Ray LaMontagne’s, Winter Birds, which was our first dance! The lights are dim and the mood was nice.

On the floor… 


(Ah ha! That explains the thing at the front door.)

Another surprise:

(The chocolates weren’t open when I got home.)



Off to Coronelli’s, Hubby take it away…

Hubby here. Well, I looked online for a while trying to find a place that fit into the parameters we had set up for food on date nights. The place has to:

1.    Be unique.

2.    Be not  (Something)-American or Tex-(Something).

The last one is our variable:

3.    Be not so expensive that I have to take out a mortgage for it.

Corronelli’s fit into two of the parameters. And I figured this out as soon as we walked in.

Host: Two? Do you-a have-a reservations?

Me: No, I feel pretty good about this place.

Just Kidding. It went like this:

            Host: Two? Do you-a have-a reservations?

            Me: Oh… No, I didn’t…

            Host: Just two?

            Me: Yeah, but I didn’t make reser…

            Host: It’s ok, we find a place for you.

 The host, an older black gentleman, with an Italian-ish accent, did indeed find us a spot in a cozy room, with a few other folks. Every one looked old and rich and I looked at Wifey and gave her the eyebrow that says “I hope we have enough money and we won’t have to wash dishes after dinner.” 

Corronelli’s is in an old house north of the Conroe courthouse. It has a very authentic Italian-home atmosphere. It reminded me of my Grandparent’s – probably because the owner/waitress, Norma’s accent sounded much like my Granny’s.

We order our meal’s. Wifey got the daily special, a shrimp and spaghetti dish. And I got the Fettucine Calabrese, in honor of my friend Jeremy’s granparents, The Calabreses.

After dinner I asked for the check. I paid with a $100. Norma came back and asked us if we had anything smaller. I didn’t. After about 5 minutes of:

Norma: Ok, I give you-a 50, you give me-a… no… wait… you-a give me-a…wait… no… etc.

In the end, she charged us less, to avoid confusion and said we could just come back later and take care of it. She gave Wifey and I big hugs and hurried off back to the kitchen.

Wifey and I just look at each other a laughed.

            Wifey: We’re definitely coming back here.

            Me: Yes, with correct change.

The End.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I Have Cat Nip!

Today = Not such a wonderful day.

I've been in a funk and just can’t seem to get out of it. No reason, but for lack of better words, I feel like poop.


I celebrated “Mental Health Day” (Which apparently is Oct. 10,I'm just a tad bit early) As I spend my holiday being a lazy bum, it hits me…BAMM!

“Laura, get up!”, I tell myself.

“Self, Okay!”

Then I wonder, “Why am I talking to myself?” No bother. I get up, open all of our curtains, and step out on our front porch to admire my herb garden. "BEAUTIFUL! I'm glad nothing is dead."

(Rosemary, Sweet Basil and Cilantro)

To the back porch! To my delight there it is. In all it’s glory! Nepeta Cataria, otherwise known as CAT NIP:

Instantly there was a smile on my face, so I text Mom, Dad and Hubby with a picture of my pride and joy! 

And so dear friends, don’t miss the simple things in life. Stop and smell the "Cat Nip". –Laura

P.S. Happy Tax Day!Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race 2010 Alaska

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"So...How's married life?"

“So…How’s married life?”

Since getting married in January, my wife and I have been asked that question so many times that I almost assume the next person I run into will ask it. I’m at the convenience store and the clerk asks “credit or debit?” and I say, “Ah, it’s good. Thanks for asking!”

This week we decided to start a blog about our lives as a wedded couple. I guess with saying that, I’m assuming our lives are interesting enough to blog about. I’m not going to say there won’t be entries that go into great detail about a sandwich I made on Wednesday, or how much fur our cat seems to be losing – you just may get some.

The blogs are written by myself and/or my beautiful wife, Laura. So we’ll get some variety and you can also read of how I rarely wash dishes. Enjoy. –Ryan


This evening, in our quest for a total body makeover, Laura and I went for a walk around the avenues. Our goal? To walk about 30 minutes.

Here’s a timeline:

Minutes 1-10:

Laura: It’s nice weather – I’m glad we’re doing this!

Ryan: So, 30 minutes, right?

Laura: It’s so nice to walk and see all of these cool houses that we otherwise pass up when we drive.

Ryan: Do you have to take every hill?

Laura: Look at that gargoyle at that house.

Ryan: Are we in a race!?!

Minutes 11-12:

Laura: I think I felt a raindrop.

Ryan: I can tell rainclouds…and those, definitely, are not rainclouds!

Minutes 13-20:

Laura and Ryan: (Running in the rain) Ah! I’m getting soaked!!!

Minutes 21-120:

We finish the 30-minute walk 2 hours later with our friends, Daniel and Melody, who joined us mid-walk.

The end.