Holoween Costume 2010? We have to top 2009

Who writes this stuff?

Authors of "How's Married Life?":

The Wifey, aka, Laura - funny lady, teacher, part time house wifey and camping/hiking enthusiast. She loves to take long walks on the beach while eating red gummy bears. Her passions include: Hubby, Africa and working with children with disabilities.

The Hubby, aka,Ryan - extrodinarily witty, painter, 1/4 time house hubby and a fine art enthusiast. He also loves taking long walks on the beach while eating green gummy bears. His passions include: Wifey, artsy-fartsy stuff and music.

The Tabby, aka, Three Legged Wonder - meows like a frog and has, you guessed it, 3 LEGS! She loves to bask in the sun and get in your way while your're trying to get to the front door. Her passions include: sun bathing, food and cat-nip.