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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I stopped by Fresh Donuts this morning for a sausage and cheese kolache. The donut chef behind the counter asked me if I'd like it microwaved. I did. So she proceeded to nuke it for twenty or so seconds - just hot enough so that the cheese is transformed into molten Napalm. I paid for it was off to work when I thought: Why am I ok with my food being microwaved? It makes the name Fresh Donuts kinda ironic. Furthermore, were I aware that any other resaurant/fast food place heated my food in this manner, I'd probably quit going there. It's not that I'm ultra picky about the way my food is prepared, it's more that the only microwaved food I think is acceptable is popcorn. The rest of the stuff I stick in there are things like Hot Pockets, Ramen Noodles, etc. - food eaten usually becuase I'm in a hurry or something - and I'm fully aware that the food will probably be pretty gross.

Wifey is Mod Podge-ing right now (whatever that means). She says she'll write the next blog. We'll see.


  1. love it! and can't wait to see what's being 'modge-podged'!

    glad yall have re-entered the blogging world! (and with such zeal!) :)


  2. I love to modge-podge stuff. I modge-podged my science folder for methods! :) Cute blog but I don't mind the microwaved koloche so much as I mind them not being the real kind like we have down here! :) Gotta love those real German Koloches! :)


  3. Yes! The real ones are the best!